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What is CORE ?

CORE is a teen leadership group that works to change the social norms associated with alcohol and drug use. This means we want to change the way people think about underage drinking and drug use. CORE members can expect to participate in a wide range of activities including community education and outreach, public speaking, surveys, and volunteering in their community.

How can I get involved in CORE?

There are a few ways to become involved in CORE. If you know your school has a CORE club, listen to the announcements and attend their next meeting. If you are unsure if your school has a CORE club or you would like to start a club at your school, contact Drug Free Collier at

What if I have used drugs in the past?

CORE does not discriminate but we hope that you will choose a healthy lifestyle and commit to a drug free lifestyle. It’s just as much fun.

What is CORE?


This page was created just  for you. Drug Free Collier is here to empower, support, and encourage you to be the very best you!

Despite what you hear:

  • Almost  half of Collier County middle & high school youth have never tried alcohol.
  • More than 75% of Collier County youth have never tried marijuana.
  • In the past 30 days, over 70% of our Collier County youth have not consumed alcohol.
  • Over 80% of our Collier County youth have not used illicit drugs.

Don’t believe the hype, not everyone’s doing it.

Join a CORE Club at your school

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Naples High School is the first school to operate a CORE Society. What is CORE? C -Character O -Opposing Drugs R -Responsible Choices E -Expectations The C.O.R.E. Society offers fellow students drug free alternatives and the support needed to maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle, with the hope that all students will be responsible, drug and alcohol free citizens.  We encourage fun, healthy activities where you can be you!

If you would like to join a CORE Club at your school or start a CORE Club, contact Drug Free Collier at or call 302-6717

CORE Clubs are currently operating throughout Collier County. Schools are chosen based on funding, need and identification of a CORE Advisor.